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"So Now What?" Beginnings

Before I head down the podcast rabbit hole, I thought I would give some background.

I had no idea what a podcast was until last fall when I decided to binge listen to "Serial" (along with the rest of the world). After that, I realized just how great the platform is, and have been thinking about starting one myself ever since.

In my time of pondering what I should focus on, I kept coming back to what makes podcasts and radio so great, and that is the innately personal aspect of them. Listeners invite the host and guests into their home, car, shower, earbuds, wherever, making it very personal. So I began to think about what I want to learn and am interested in finding out about.

While studying musical theatr at Syracuse University, folks would tend to say, "Look around, 90% (or some outrageously high percent) of the folks in this room with you will not be performing in five years." At the time, I thought this was an exaggeration, but I've come to find it is pretty true. It's a hard business, and while many folks are still in the business on the other side of the table, there is not an overwhelming amount still performing.

As I am currently in my 28th year of life, I had the thought that I have passed that threshold. Yes! Good for me. I did it. Maybe I'll get another five years out of it. But that thought led me to the question of the day/month/year/life: what?

As artists and humans (or seekers as one of my friends and future podcast guests put it) we are constantly asking ourselves, "so now what?" It keeps us sane. It keeps us hungry. It is so very easy to be complacent, but the seekers continually ask themselves that question, and that is what this podcast is about.

And that's the premise. I'll have folks on and we'll have an informal chat about life and happiness and eventually talk about those times when we ask ourselves, "So Now What?" Sometimes folks will never have gone through those times. Sometimes they'll be going through them right now. Or years earlier. Or six times over the last 2 months. But we'll chat about them and find out how they approached them and all the craziness that follows. If you're a seeker, this is for you.

Basically. It's an excuse to get my friends and people I admire to sit down and talk about life with me for an hour.

And there you have it! Keep an eye and ear out for the inaugural episodes over the next few weeks, and follow us on the twitter and instagram @SoNowWhatPC.

Keep seeking, my friends.

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